Why Movaci Partnered With The IAP

By Darryl Crist, CIO, Movaci

In the second of our guest articles from the IAP’s partners, Darryl Crist, the CIO of Movaci discusses why they chose to partner with the IAP.

Founded in 2009, Movaci is now trusted by businesses and organizations in more than 30 countries for whom we provide IT solutions, support and security. Our services and solutions enable our clients to operate more efficiently, securely, and to more readily achieve their goals.

We are excited to be one of the early partners of the Information Assurance Platform (IAP) and hope to be one of the first platform users. The IAP develops solutions for cybersecurity, data replication and authentication, and industry regulations compliance applications based on Blockchain distributed ledger technologies.

In human terms, that means the IAP and Movaci are working together to develop and provide new solutions to keep our clients’ (and their clients’) systems and data secure, verified, available, certified, and trusted using new methods of digitally checking and rechecking data authenticity from multiple points.

The real-world application of these solutions are for businesses and organizations that need to protect their data and maintain compliance with industry standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc. The bottom line value for our clients is the reduced risk of data corruption or manipulation (hacking), and the huge cost savings on heavy non-compliance fines and/or other more costly security and compliance solutions.

Movaci’s primary product and service offerings are in the Information Security and Cybersecurity spectrum and cover an array of verticals including corporate, law-enforcement, medical and non-profit.

This therefore places us right at the centre of the Information Assurance Platform’s target market, as it has been designed with cybersecurity and assurance in mind. As a completely decentralized, immutable and secure platform it aligns perfectly with Movaci’s portfolio as the ultimate in secure blockchain platforms.

From a personal perspective, as a cybersecurity professional and ethical hacker, accurate security scanning, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are critical to delivering comprehensive security to our customers.

The IAP, as a platform, supports the consolidation, maintenance and version control for the range of systems, technologies and vendors needing to be analyzed and audited. As one example, the IAP gives us the ability to gather and distribute information on the scope of devices and systems needing to be assessed whilst verifying the integrity and authenticity of the auditing results.

We are eagerly tracking the progress of the IAP’s roadmap and providing advice and input from a prospective platform user’s perspective. We are excited to be part of a growing ecosystem of companies that will be making practical use of the platform to make real-world impact on serving our client’s most important cybersecurity challenges.

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